Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Dear Friend,

  I am writing to you because I'm out of inspiration. Probably because I did not have access to a computer today or access to the outdoors. Today was one of those days where you dread it coming up, you dread it waking up, and at the very end of it your jolly and glad that it is over. I don't like those days. You have a perfectly wonderful day and you spoil it by frowning on it and ruining it with your busyness, procrastination, and dirty work. Some days I wish I could just blow everything off and go to the park and play on the swing-sets. I'm not saying that working and being on a strict schedule is bad, it's good actually, but being so consumed with time and all that you have to do just sucks. I just think that we should just stop and relax. Like laying out in the sun in the backyard, eating ice cream, listening to music, and acknowledging that life is good.

guess who

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