Sunday, October 30, 2011

Show off

Genius designs. Eye-catching material. Rodarte is by far one of the best designers. Ever.

Well, in my opinion.

Rodarte is the one of only a handful of designers that inspire me.

Have you seen the Spring 2012 collection? Amazing. Here are some of my favorites:(I got the photos from
1st: reminds me of hippies and sunflowers. Love it!
2nd: Kind of mysterious sea weedy love how the dress flows down.
3rd: The overall pattern reminds me of fall flowers.
4th: Mystical...magic...ah-mazing!

All of these I would gladly wear and show off to my friends.

There are lots more so check them out! And comment and tell me what you think of Rodarte!


For all us socially awkward persons who adore fashion but only dress up in the comfort of our own homes.

Hiya :) I have decided to break into the industry. As you probably know, the industry is very hard to break into. And the easiest way I think you can break into it is by blogging. So thus, the start of this blog. I have always liked fashion/style. And It would be cool to blog about it so I thought to myself, why not? Some fashion is AMAZING other...not so amazing...I will blog about both, I will not be afraid to share my opinions. If you don't agree with me fine, thats your opinion and I respect that. Please respect mine. I hope you enjoy my blog and we become good bloggyfriends.

P.S. Does the title sound like you? Well, thats me all the way. But now since I started this blog, not anymore.
This blog is for people who love fashion but only dress up in the comfort of their own homes. I hope you get encouraged to stand out. :)

I will now try and stand out like an ugly duckling.