Thursday, November 17, 2011

Harem pants

There comes a time in every person's life when they must decide what to wear.
You have two options.
One, dress like a NORMAL person and BLEND in.
Two, Screw normal-I'm wearing BALLOON PANTS.

Ok, now that we got to the balloon pants I just wanted to say in my defense that I didn't think they looked like balloon pants(Yes, I wore balloon pants to school today) until my teacher told me.

fgsdjkag chnfcvkx lkjfgdn mdfogi

Great, I don't even look like high fashion. Just some dork wearing balloon pants. Perfect.

I don't even know if they're called balloon pants. But this is what they looked like:

Ok, now I think I know what its called...Harem pants?

If I had known they were called Harem pants I would have felt better about myself and corrected my teacher. But instead, I went through that whole afternoon thinking how dorky I looked in balloon pants.

I just wish I could pull off something like this^^!!!!!!

But me, being so short, I would only look like a joker. *sigh*

But before I got the "balloon pants idea" I thought I did pretty good. I paired the pants(they had a 70's pattern as shown above) with my high top converse and a mustard yellow beanie. It sounds kind of lame, but the outfit looked pretty nice. 

But at least I was able to go to school without  TOO many weird looks at my pants.

I bet inside all the kids at my school are secretly jealous that they don't have the courage to stand out and thus, wear balloon pants.

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